The thought that females, by and large, cannot do pull-ups is NOT true!  I have taught dozens of females to do pull-ups this year.  I say "taught" because pull-ups are not about brute strength. 

To do a pull-up one need only to learn the technique.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.  Yes!  She is obviously 8 months pregnant.  Yes!  She did just do 25 - in a freakin row!.  And NO she is not a hulking monster bent on the destruction of the female race.  She's a normal person who learned how to do pull-ups.  You can do it, too.   

I get a lot of flack from folks who come to our GPP site expecting that run-of-the-mill, "let's everybody hold hands and sing Kumbayah while we exercise" - crap!  That is not what we do here.   I don't think that stuff works. 

For REAL results you need intensity. 

To make REAL progress, you need to step-it-up.  

If you plan to make meaningful and lasting changes you will need to get out of your comfort zone.  WAY OUT - for some of you.  This includes doing squats (deep ones), push-ups (from your toes), sit-ups (all the way up), AND pull-ups among other things.

The popular fitness dogma perpetuated by the dramatic media has duped most of the world into believing that we are all "fragile eggs."  That we shouldn't extend ourselves or we will surely DIE!  Seriously, they say, "DIE."  

It is hogwash!

Look, we are NOT fragile eggs.  The human body is infinitely capable of more than you could imagine.  I'VE SEEN IT! 

Start doing the hard stuff.  Take it back to basics.  Ease into it, at first.  Take it slowly to the next level, then, for hell sakes - HIT IT and keep hitting it - HARD!  You are not a "fragile egg" unless a physician who knows what he is talking about says otherwise. 

Make your goal this week to do 1 simple pull-up.  If you can't do one - do a jumping pull-up.  If you can't do that simply raise yourself til your chin is over the top of the bar and lower yourself slowly under complete control.  Progress in the reverse.  Keep doing them every other day until you can do 10.  

Write to me when you get all 10.  Good luck!