Eat Real Food

The third edict of our Nutritional Recommendation is to "Eat Real Food." 

Many of you have wondered what our definition of "Real Food" is.  Below are our rules for eating real food.  We challenge you to eat only from these suggestions for 8 days.  Not 8 cumulative days cherry picked from a year, or so of happenstance eating.  8 days straight!  The health and energy (not to mention clarity of mind and soul) you'll feel at then end of 8 days will be astounding.  It'll be a great jump start to healthy, positive eating. 


  • Eat Foods in Their Most Natural, Unmodified State.
    • Uncooked, less-cooking is better.
    • Non- processed (read labels, if it has multiple ingredients it is more processed)
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds
    • Locally grown
    • Organic
    • Whole
    • Unsweetened
  • Local Meats (Pork, Beef & Chicken) & Seafood (Wild Caught)
  • Dairy Products
    • Milk
    • Yogurt
    • Eggs
    • Cheese
  • 100% Whole Grain Products
    • All natural ingredients
  • Occasionals:
    • Honey
    • Pure maple syrup
  • Beverages
    • Water
    • Milk
    • 100% juices (may be diluted)
    • Coffee (in moderation)
    • Tea (in moderation)
    • Wine (in moderation)
    • Beer (in moderation)
    • Spirits (in moderation)

Bacon = Bad?

Which is better for you?  

A) Two strips of bacon
B) Half a bagel
C) A bowl of Rice Crispies 

Those who answered B or C are what we like to call WRONG.  Besides having fewer calories (bacon - 84, half bagel - 135, Rice Crispies - 126) bacon will not spike blood sugar.  Scientists at Harvard took another look at bacon and its potential for causing heart disease.  Their findings?  Zip.  Nothing.  After reviewing 21 studies they concluded bacon does not contribute to heart disease.  Heredity, hypertension, injury to the arteries, smoking and inflammation are the major culprits.  

Should I Take a Multi-Vit?

Q: Should I be taking a multi-vitamin?

A:  When making the decision whether you will take a multi, or not, keep this in mind:  EVERY process that occurs within your body (digestion, movement, cell regeneration, immune response, conscious thought, unconscious thought, hormone regulation, weight maintenance, etc. & etc.) takes place in the presence of water, energy, vitamins and minerals. 

The real question, for me, is - What happens if I am absent (even just low on) any of these things?