AMRAP Squats & Run

AMRAP in 20 min of:

max effort squats (for reps) 
400 m run

Post number of squats per round and number of laps completed to comments.

To do a "max effort squat" set, complete as many perfect air squats as you can in an unbroken string.  Upon your first break set - go run! 

It's been a while since we went this light on a Saturday.  Enjoy.

Remember more/harder/faster is not better.  BETTER is BETTER.  It's not the goal to see how many squats you are ultimately capable of today.  Today is about getting max benefit from a max rep set of squats.  The better your squats, the more benefit you'll gain.  

Rookies - be CAREFUL.  This one is a soremaker.  Sneaky too.  You'll be feeling fine during ..., then won't walk for 5 days.  Not OK.  

Here's my backwards jump rope injury from yesterday!  Guess I need to work on those more!  I love stepping out of my comfort zone yesterday!  - Maren (from offsite)

Dog Days

5 rounds for time:

10 push press 45/95
10 power clean 45/95
10 clean & jerk 45/95
400 m run

Post time to comments

by Neil Anderson

Organic Exercise?

I like this term, a lot. It is interesting that we spend so much time and effort denouncing the pitfalls of unnatural and refined foods (and rightly so), yet the parallels between refined foods and refined exercise have not been as widely recognized. 

While the quality of our food continues to deteriorate so does the quality of our exercise.  Over the past 25 years, exercise recommendations have been reduced from natural movements to superficial attempts at improving on nature.  Machines and technology are being wrought upon by the masses to more easily achieve the look of health. The end result is a look which is anything but healthy.   

Acquiring the appearance of health without establishing proper foundations is a short lived, injury prone/diseased existence leading to a significant reduction in quality of life.  

Using reductionist science to superficially engineer healthy foods and active lifestyles is equally as destructive.  Regrettably, many who fall victim to unhealthy lifestyles are then further exposed to even more reductionist techniques for the cure.  GPP believes the more naturally occuring (organic) exercise and nutrition is, the more healthy you become.    

Yard sales begin in the Garage, right? GPP OK