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GPP is the Best Thing I Have Ever Done

About a year and a half ago a friend if mine introduced me to GPP. And I'm completely hooked. It's the best thing I have ever done. I accomplish things I never thought to be possible. It's amazing stuff and I truly believe in the program. My friend and I get the crazy stare from other people while we are GPPing at the Rec Center. It's alot of fun.  Thank you Neil!

What You Do is Amazing!

Thank you Neil! What you do is amazing! I am not believing how quickly my body is changing. This program is truly incredible. I love it & I am hooked!!! GPP is the real deal! Best program I've ever done or seen. It's like I can't wait to do more....


November 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterOK State-Melanie


Lowest Weight in 8 Yrs

I weighed in today at the lowest weight in at least 8 years. It is just one day, but a HUGE success for me. I've tried and tried to get there before and have just been off by 1 lb for about a year. And I'm not even starving.  Thanks GPP Peeps! I needed this.

November 8, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercandice sherman

Lost 18 inches & 15 lbs

Hit my one year mark the other day. I have lost a total of 18 inches and on my scale from my heaviest to lowest I have lost 15 lbs. I love the physical change I have had. My running has improved, I am not a whimp anymore and my jeans are much smaller but what I love even more is the change I've had on the inside. I respect myself so much more. I am finally learning that "I am not my body". When I first started GPP I told my husband I was going to go for just a few months to help train for the Ogden half, one year later I'm telling my husband I'll be going to GPP for life. Thank you Neil, Lizz and Meg and of course all you GPPers.

November 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKatie T.

Down 25 lbs, Passed PT Test

I have to give a shout out to Dr J. Stanley. He has made some incredible progress in just a few short months. He came to Ft. Sill at the end of July, and started GPPing about 2 months ago. He is now down 30lbs (25 of which he is crediting to GPP) and he passed his PT test. Before GPP he could not meet the minimums for PU or SU, he needed to peel over a minute off his 2 mile run, and he couldn't pass the weight/tape. Well, last week was a milestone for him. He did it all with flying colors! Good job Jay. As a reward you can now be deployed.

November 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGatorguy

Lost 11 lbs & Feel Strong

Happy Birthday to ME! Today is my birthday. 38!  I weighed in this morning...Pre-Baby weight. (15 years in the making) I hit it once before this summer, but then slipped a little with the onset of the FALL binge. I've lost 4 pounds since starting GPP Turkey Day Challenge and 11 pounds total since starting GPP this summer.  I feel great physically, but the changes I am making in all other aspects of my life are incredible. I feel empowered and healthy and strong and free. I just want to wrap my arms around people and tell them to live and be happy, to serve and to love. I attribute so much of that to all ya all at GPP! Thank you for the best birthday ever!

November 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJode

No Soreness After Long Race

The usual testimony of the amazingness of GPP: completed another long race this weekend without the amount of training i'd prefer, but still came out with ZERO soreness or stiffness. Aside from lack of sleep, I have almost no signs that I even ran at all.

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterthe blonde-ish runner

GPP Changed My Life

Love the changes I can feel to my body and LOVE the people I am surrounded by every day at this amazing gym!  Thank you Neil, Lizz, meg and the rest of you amazing GPP peeps who have changed my life for the better. I feel so lucky to be a part this great GPP community! There is not a better gym out there!

August 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLauren Parks

First Half Marathon in 2:04

I want to thank Neil, Lizz, and Meg for all the extra effort and time this week. I have so much gratitude and respect for you 3. Thank you! Also, I want to thank all of the fun GPPers. What an amazing community this is. You all inspire me and make me want to always do my best. I am also very proud of my sweetie today, Deawn ran her first half marathon at Park City today. 2:04 minutes! Wow!!

August 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRob H

Down 4.5 lbs and 9 inches in One Week

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me "enjoy" this week with you all and for Neil for making such an event possible. I was tagging along with my friend Jodi and followed the diet and most of the exercises. In the process I lost 4.5 pounds and 9 inches. Wow! Thanks gpp fitness!! You are doing something right over there. :)

August 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterShirley

GPP is the Best

It has been so fun working out with all of you and when it's fun, it makes it that much easier to stick with it. Special thanks to Neil, Lizz, Meg, and Amy. You guys are truly great trainers and you make GPP the best program out there, bar none! Janetha, you're right about the emotional and mental part. I've never felt better!

 August 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTony

Down 7.5 lbs in 3 Weeks

I am down 7.5 pounds since day one of Rx week. Amazing. I love the changes happening in my body. All I can say is: THANK YOU NEIL! THANK YOU SUPPORTING STAFF! THANK YOU GPP COMMUNITY!

 September 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJodi R

After Just 2 Weeks of GPP

I feel energized, competent and comfortable in my own skin after just 2 weeks of GPP exercises at home. I can't wait to see how I feel after several months worth. Thanks again for creating this AWESOME site/place, Neil!

September 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsey

Faster Runs

I wanted to post because since doing GPP I knew I felt stronger, but can't always tell. Well, today I ran my usual 2 mile course (this will seem really lame to you pros) but it typically takes me 23-24 minutes. I am slow. I have not run at all since starting this program and today ran the 2 miles in 20.39. Can't tell you how excited I am and how good I feel. Thank you!!!!

 September 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJill W.

Ran a Marathon

Went for a little run down big cottonwood today.
Can you do 26.2 with only GPP training? sure. My longest run in the last 4 months was 6.2! GPP proves yet once again that you can do hard things. 

 September 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBuff

Mile is 4 Minutes Faster

Mile 10:10, That is 4 whole minutes off of my mile from when I started GPP a year ago!! I am super excited about that!

September 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterH. Cook

Qualified for Boston


Boston happened because of gpp! I honestly ran fewer miles during this training, compared to my previous marathons, the only differerence is that I added gpp 5x/week!

September 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChelsea

Lost 55 lbs.

I was thinking while I was jumping rope how awesome I'm going to be next year after another year full of gpp workouts. Then I realized I never gave an accounting for my first year at ggp. The results don't lie because in the last year I've lost 55 pounds, i'm down 6 waist sizes and i'm a size down in shirt size. That's just the appearance things that have changed and there are countless leaps in the cool fitness things I can do. God Bless GPP! BeastMode out September 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBeastMode

PT Shares With Patient

"I have been online for a couple of months and just love the workout, the intelligence and the community.  I am also a pediatric Physical Therapist working typically with the 0-8 year old population.  Recently, I picked up an 18 year old woman who had a stroke as a result of years of cancer treatments.  We have been working on strengthening.  Well, today we added GPP.  WAAAAY modified, but gpp!!!!  We did .12 walk (2.0 mph) followed by three hip exercises, .12 walk followed by 3 abdominal workouts, .12 mph  followed by three shoulder exercises, and .12 (with 2.5# weights on!) followed by three back exercises.  We added music.  She was happy and DRIPPING WITH SWEAT!  This was an incredible addition to her program.  I am so excited to be able to share.
Not only have I come to love my daily workouts, now I can share my love with my kids at work.
Just wanted to show you how this workout/philosophy can change alll sorts of lives." 

Thanks for everything!!
Jill W.

Army Doc Gets Highest PT Score Ever

Took Army PT test today after a week off from any physical activity. Not because I was tapering, just because I was kind of lazy. I did score my highest ever though.

Height/wt: First time ever not needing to be taped. I actually made weight for my height, 194lbs.

PU: did 69=96pts, needed 73 to earn 100% Grader didn't count 1st 5 because I was supposedly not coming all the way up. I think I was just way to lightning fast for his eyes in the 0545 darkness of the morning.

SU: did 76= 100pts needed 76 for 100%. Way to go me. I've always sucked at SU prior to GPP. (not that I any good at them now)

2mile run: 15:10 = 86 pts. needed 13:36 for 100%. I'm not sure that this will ever happen unless I quit my job and hire a track coach.

Total 282 of 300.

Best score so far, however I’ve never actually tried my hardest before either since I know I can’t run fast enough to max the run. I really would like to max the test 300/300 before I get out of the army in July, so I will be working on my run times.

October 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGatorguy