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GPP 4 day fast (the reset)


GPP 4 Day Fast (The Reset)

Many of us have forgotten the taste of food.  Our Westernized diet is comprised mainly of salty and sweet flavors.  These flavors override the finer senses.  They extinguish our abilities to taste the nuances in natural foods, making it less likely that we will select healthy, nutritional foods.

Many of us have forgotten what it is like to let our bodies calm down and just quit processing.  We've missed the clarity of mind and body that comes with shutting down constant intake.  Starting over (cleansing) can be a good thing.  We suggest it periodically for those trying to speed their way back to Optimal Health.    Here is how to do it. 

The GPP 4 Day Cleanse (the Reset)

Each day adds to the next.  So, on day 3 you can have your fruits and vegetables, PLUS your 24 crams of CHO, PLUS your water - get how it works? 

Day 1 - Water Only.
Day 2 - 8 oz. CHO drink.  We suggest 15 min before your GPP workout.
Day 3 - Add 5 servings of Fruits & 5 servings of vegetables (Google it).
Day 4 - Add 6 oz. of PRO.
Day 5 - And for the rest of your life - get it right!

After you have successfully completed the "Reset" you are now set up with advantages you did not posses for obtaining Optimal Health before.  You have punched through a window of cravings, addiction and hunger.  It usually takes 2 weeks to get to this point through "normal" dieting methods.  You will have clarity of mind, body and soul multiple levels higher than just 1 week ago.  Now, carry on!