GPP Intensive Training Seminar


GPP Intensive Training Seminar



40 E. Pages Lane
Centerville, Ut.

*Returning attendees are eligible for 1/2 price admission. Please contact to register. Thank you!

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Next Seminar Date

 July 17 & 18


40 E. Pages Lane
Centerville, Ut

 Seminar Schedule

- Monday, 6:30PM - 9:30PM
- Tuesday, 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Requirements for Receiving Certificate of Completion

- Must attend and participate in 100% of all aspects of lecture and practical course work.  

 Course Description

GPP is a VERY unique training method which is driven by an even more unique health and fitness philosophy.  It occurs NO WHERE else in the world.  Participants of the seminar will be exposed to theory, methodology, terminology and practical application of the following:   

- GPP Foundations and Principles
- The Advanced Directive
- Safety Standards
- How to Conduct Workouts
- Programming
- 5 Qualities of Training Excellence
- Common Movement Standards (20 Movements Covered)
- How to Choose and Use Equipment for Workouts
- Nutrition
- FAQs

In our seminars we employ the "Learn - Do - Teach" technique.  You'll get just the right amounts of theory and practice.  

What to Bring: 

- Notebook and/or GPP Intensive Training Guide (sent electronically 1 month before seminar).
- Clothes suitable for working out. 
- Any foods, drinks, or snack items you desire.

When Can I Expect My Certificate of Completion? 

- Certificates are mailed to you within 4-6 weeks of course completion.