Monthly unlimited - $125/mo
Drop-in                 - $15.00
10 punch               - $140 (expires 1 yr)

Family Rates

Couples (same household) $195/mo
Add-ons (same household) $55/mo

Contract -

3 months - $115/mo*
6 months - $100/mo**
12 months - $90/mo***

Family Contract

3 months 10% off*
6 months 15% off**
12 months 20% off***

*Permitted ONE 2 week suspension.
**Permitted TWO 2 week suspensions.
***Permitted THREE 2 week suspensions.

Billing Terms & Conditions

  • All accounts are set up on auto-withdrawal. You may cancel your month to month at any time without penalty. Expired contracts renew on month-to-month terms unless notice is given. Price of month-to-month memberships are subject to change without notice. 
  • 48 hours cancellation notice must be given in writing before next auto-withdrawal occurs. Please send cancellation email to  
  • Accounts cancelled AFTER an auto-withdrawal has been processed will be credited for services. No refund will be remitted.
  • We have no provisions for cancelling a contract. Of course, if there are special circumstances please contact us to discuss.