Daycare is available for FREE during the 0845 class daily.

It is our goal at GPP to ensure a safe and effective workout environment for those who visit our facility.  This is our prime concern.  Secondary to this, we will also make strides to make it convenient for those with small children to attend to them within our facility on a limited basis.  This convenience is offered free of charge so long as the below guidelines are adhered to. 

Please note the following policies as they will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. 

1.   Your child must be within your direct care at all times when they are within our facility.  GPP does not provide child care (except at the 0845 class) and will not under any circumstances be responsible for your child.   

2.  Children are never allowed on the workout floor unless in transit to/from the waiting room.  At these times the child/children must be in direct contact with their parents/guardians so as not to interfere with the efforts of those working out or warming up.  

3.  Children in the waiting room are never to be outside of it unless in the immediate presence of their parent or guardian.  Unfortunately this means you will need to accompany them to the restroom.  Children will not be permitted to walk through the main room while a workout is in progress to get a drink from the fountain, even if accompanied by an adult. 

4. Children are never allowed to be in contact with any GPP equipment.

5.  Small, non-mobile children are allowed in the staging area (on the carpet) if secured to car seats or strollers.  If there is a chance the child may wiggle free and step out onto the floor they will need to be in the waiting room.  

6.  Please do not allow your child to cry for a prolonged period (about 1 minute) while in the staging area.  We know it is important to you to get your workout.  It is important to us, too.  Unfortunately a crying child can be quite upsetting to others.  To the point of distraction. 

7.  No food or drink is allowed in the waiting room or in the staging area.  This is a hygienic concern and adds quite a bit of expense in terms of cleaning fees.  It is also our experience that children will fight over food and drink. 

8.  Please feel free to bring any toys or comforts of home to make their stay (during your workout) more enjoyable.  Please take everything you've brought with you as you leave.  They are likely to be discarded at the end of the day.  

9.  You may not under any circumstances discipline a child who is not yours to discipline.  If little Timmy bites your child you must remove YOUR child from these circumstances. 

10. If your child is old enough to workout at your side without jeopardizing his/her safety or the safety of those around him/her, he or she may do so.  Please understand that you may need to slow your workout pace to accommodate your child. 

Unfortunately, we have witnessed too many accidents, injuries and close calls to let any of the above go uncontrolled anymore.  In the short time we have been at GPP we have witnessed a child whipped by a jump rope (could have lost an eye).  We've seen little fingers caught and pinched in the spin bike wheel.  We've seen little fingers caught and pinched under the seats of rowers.  We saw a standing rower pulled over and nearly land on a group of children.  We had a child donkey kicked into the bars by an adult who was beginning a burpee (the child was walking behind).  We saw two children fall off the stacks of weights which they love to climb on despite the fact they are unstable and unsafe.  We've seen multiple children swinging on the rings, lose their grip and fall flat on their backs.  Some hit their heads in the fall.  Some of the more dangerous things we have seen is when a child darts out onto the floor while adults are in the middle of a VERY heavy drop.  One female was dropping 135 lbs from overhead.  When she saw the child dart into her blood circle (the child's mother was standing RIGHT THERE talking to another person) she was forced to try and recover a lift she had already begun to bail on.  The potential for injury isn't always to the child only.  These stories are just to name a VERY few.  The interesting thing about the stories above is that in EVERY case a parent or guardian were present and thought they were in control of the child.  Each time the parent was standing just out of reach.   

It would devastate us to see anyone become needlessly injured at GPP.  Therefore we must take measures see this does not happen.  We appreciate your patience and compliance with these matters.  Thank you.