You CANNOT out exercise a POOR diet!

"Optimal Health" carries with it the expectation of proper nutrition.  It is unreasonable to assume you can be healthy and/or fit without providing proper foundations of fuel for the body.  Nutrition plays a critical role in your health, fitness & appearance. 


Overriding Principles and Philosophies of GPP Nutrition

  1. Know Your Caloric Needs
  2. Know Your Macronutrient Needs
  3. Eat Real Food*

*To Learn the GPP definition of "Real Food" click HERE


GPP Nutritional Tools

To accomplish our nutritional goals, we employ many methods and techniques.  In some circles these are unconventional, but we are more concerned with useful.  When combined with GPP programming the following have helped thousands to obtain better health and fitness.  They have minimal explanation.  Don't over-think them.    


(Premium Subscription ONLY) 

  • 3 Day Complete Meal Plans
  • 7 Day Complete Meal Plans
  • GPP Approved Snack List

(Premium Subscription ONLY)

  • GPP 4 Day Fast (The Reset)
  • Burst Cycle Diet (a GPP Original)


For in-depth exploration of GPP Nutritional philosophies, methods and tools please inquire HERE about one of our "Intensive Training" seminars.