4 rounds for time:

41 OH triceps extension 20/35
41 alt biceps curls 15/20
41 KB swings 25/35
41 bench dips
41 Aussie pullups

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by Neil Anderson

Magnesium deficiency is tied to many ailments.  Many of which, may be needlessly dogging you daily.  If you are feeling several or even ONE of the following you might look into supplementation.  Ask your M.D.  

Anxiety and panic attacks
Gray hair
Premature aging...

Click HERE to read more ailments and how to offset.


Ryan posted this pic to FB from his new home in LV.  He says, "Which one of these is not like the others...? I miss you 6:30'ers. (you too Court)."  Miss you back, man.  Thanks for keeping us in the loop.