5 rounds for time:

20 thrusterbells 25/35
20 box jumps
20 DT pushups
400 m run

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Wear it OUT!

Please don't feel weird about wearing your old FitZone or Ozone shirts at the GPP.  The other day someone asked if we felt weird about it when we see people wearing those shirts.  The answer is a resounding...


Look, I'm not trying to take anything away from the Ozone owners, but when it comes right down to it WE all built that place.  ALL OF US DID! As a community, we built it from the ground up.  We as a community created those shirts and what they stand for.  To us, those shirts stand for excellence.  They stand for belief in ourselves.  They stand for going the extra mile and doing it the hard way.  They stand for personal victories bought and paid for with our own blood, sweat and yes, sometimes tears.  They stand for helping others out and letting others help us.  They stand for being just as happy about watching someone else improve as we are when we improve ourselves. These are just a few of the things those shirts stand for.    

Those shirts are about this very special, very unique community we ALL belong to.  This community is a concept which was built and which continues to be built by all of us.  No one SINGLE person or entity can take credit for ANYTHING that those shirts represent.  When we wear them we show our pride in this fact and for what this community stands for. 

Please continue to wear them.  Those shirts are awesome and we are proud when we see them.    


Stick-It-To-The-Man t-shirt orders must be in by tomorrow!