(Compare to Feb 25)

Assemble into teams of 2 and complete the following for time:

50 pullups
100 pushups
150 high sumos 45/65
200 kettlebell swings 25/35
300 jump ropes
4 min run in place
1000m row

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1.  While one teammate is completing reps the other must be holding a below parallel squat.
2.  If the teammate holding the squat stands up or falls down, teammates must switch.
3.  No reps may be counted unless the squatting teammate is in position.  
4.  If the squatter falls out of the squat while the other teammate is running THAT teammate loses the Rx.


CCC will be wrapping up in a couple of weeks.  Officially, the end date of our Crash Course Challenge will be June 3.  Once again, the results seen from this CCC have been amazing!

Congratulations to all of you who have taken on this amazing challenge.  Congratulations to all of you who have already finished your challenges successfully.  It has been inspiring to watch you change your bodies.  It has been equally rewarding to see you completing your physical challenges.  Many of you have learned and done things (pullups, doubleunders, hand stand pushups, run a mile daily, etc.) that, before this challenge, you thought were impossible.

If you have not completely met your goal yet - DO NOT FEAR!  There is still a lot of time.  Two full weeks is a lot of time to make big changes.  If you need a shot in the --- let one of us know.  We can help you.  We can give you some tips and tricks that aren't in most expert's playbooks.  We are happy to help! 


Group Swim Wednesday @ 5am at SDRC


Boise Tri Camp this weekend!