(compare to Nov 2)

Run 1 mile


5-5-5-5-5 sets ea side of:

Single Arm Snatch AHAP

Post weights per set to comments


CCC orientation meeting is planned for this Wednesday at 7:30 pm.  It will last approx 30 minutes.  We will be clarifying rules and answering any questions you may have. 


My recovery drink article was well ahead of the curve on THIS one.  Only kinda not. 


Suz Martin bought me a book for my birthday called A Million Miles In a Thousand Years, by Donald Miller.  It is one of the most enlightening books on human behavior I have ever read (I've read hundreds).  It is about how to create a better story for yourself than the one you are currently living. 

Donald Miller is no self-help guru.  He's a writer.  A good one.  His book simply points out that the art of story telling is not an art at all.  It is science.  Great writers have figured out the steps it takes to believably help a character overcome fantastic obstacles to obtain something they really want (EVERY story is written about this).

The crux?  The general rule in story telling is that characters do not want to change (sound familiar?).  They must be forced to change.  Although miserable, most willingly choose their circumstances over braving the unfamiliarity that would come with change.  Remember the Wizard of Oz?  Each protagonist character overcame misery by facing their greatest fear through great reluctance and FORCE.

I think this means; for you to change your story (if you desire it) it will likely take the same type of effort.  Discouraged?  Don't be.  One way or another, all good characters change for the better! 

It is a great book.  Am happy to borow it to you. 


I love pullup/pushup days!