5 rounds for time:

400m run
25 ea. OH lunges 15/20
25 KB swings 25/35

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Jazz Dancers pioneering our "Sott's Maneuvers" workout. 


"The Terrible 10"

I think that understanding the history of the health and fitness movement makes it easier to program workouts and improve on our philosophy.  I spend a lot of time perusing books, attending lectures and surfing the internet learning about the craft of improving human health. 

One of the experts I encounter most often during my perusals is Jack Lalane.  Many of you know that Jack Lalane is my hero.  This guy was giving advice in the 30's and 40's that we are just catching onto now.  The advice he gave (pioneered) back then flew in the very face of the medical establishment (what has since become the department of Health and Human Services, and the CDC, and etc.).  At the time, the medical establishment opposed almost everything Jack taught his "students."  For example: Jack told people to lift weights.  The medical establishment said not to and that if you did so it would make you "muscle-bound."  Jack told people not to smoke.  The medical establishment said it was "healthy and good for you."  In fact, doctors used to recommend smoking as a way to cure things like emphysema and asthma. 

Jack made lot of other recommendations that were opposed by the medical establishment, but one recommendation that was way ahead of its time was his recommendation to cut back on refined sugary foods.  We know NOW that our sugary tooths are responsible for many of the things that may ail us (ie. obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke & etc.). 

Please watch this video and take heed.  I myself am due for his 5 day challenge.  I encourage you to do so also, if you feel there would be a point in it.  Or if you feel you can.  He says I'll feel 100% better.  Hell, 25% would do...