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When dieting, we suggest you eat the same thing every day.  The same breakfast.  The same lunch.  And the same dinner.  If you snack, it should be exact same snack(s). 

When it comes to successful weight loss, the devil is in the details.  It is always surprising to ask a client what they ate the day prior.  The longer you stand there and discuss, the more things they seem to be able come up with.  First you hear about (generally) healthy meals.  Then, 2 handfuls of M&Ms.  Then, a couple of spoonfuls of mac-n-cheese from the kid's lunch.  Then, a couple of tastes of dinner.  Oh, and then a bite or two of batter while you were making cookies for the neighbor who just had a baby.  Then, then, then and then...

All of this is very hard to keep track of.  And it ALL adds up.  This "system" of eating has sabotaged more weight loss intentions than any other culprit.  It is always better to eliminate the "and thens" altogether.  Eating the exact same things in the exact same portions eliminates the guesswork and self-sabotage.  It also makes it easier to make adjustments and fine tune results. 


The Wheel is never indecisive.  This means do both, right?