(Compare to Feb 22, 2011)

3 straight sets of each:

20 OH triceps ext 15/25
15 side lateral raises 10/15 or AHAP
10 OH DB presses (strict) 15/25 or AHAP
5 BB push presses AHAP

Post reps successfully completed and weights to comments.


by Neil Anderson

Straight Sets - a number of repititions followed by a rest, then another set and repeat until all assigned sets of that exercise are complete.  Then move to the next exercise.

Super Sets - a set of two different exercises done back to back without rest in between. Rest. Repeat. Click here for a more complete explanation.

Giant Sets - a set of 3 different exercises perfomed back to back without rest in between. Rest. Repeat.

Drop Sets - several sets of the same exercise performed back to back with very little rest in between.  Often each successive set of exercise is done with a lighter weight or fewer reps. 

Circuit Sets - moving from one exercise to another in rapid succession taking very little rest.  Generally, a circuit has 7 exercises and is regulated by heart rate.  Repeat for assigned rounds. 


To all of our friends swim/bike/run IronMan St. George...GOOD LUCK!  We are very proud of you.