Perform 5 rounds on trainer's count.

20 BTB squats
20 T2T DB skull crushers 15/20
20 T2T concentration biceps curls R 15/20
20 T2T concentration biceps curls L 15/20
20 T2T crunches (at least 1 sec hold in the crunch)
20 superman back ext

Post missed reps to comments.


Are you hungry?  If you are trying to lose weight, you SHOULD be.  Not starving.  Not hating life.  But hungry or "Jones'n" pretty much all the time. 

It is our experience that those who are most successful at losing weight are those who painstakingly work through the initial stages of junk food withdrawal.  Then, after 5-7 days of discipline & consistency, learn to regularly tap into their fat stores.   

Getting to this point means learning to listen to your body.  This is hard to do when going through withdrawal.  So, we suggest you not over-think it.  Simply get on one of our weight loss diets or meal plans and plow! 

Once you've come out of it (its rough - those who say differently are selling something), the first thing to listen for is the Jones'n.  You should be Jones'n nearly constantly.  You know...wandering over to the bread cupboard and back...opening the fridge...closing the fridge....opening it...closing it...then the freezer...over to the candy jar...back to the bread cupboard.  THIS is Jones'n.  And if you ever make it to this point, DON'T BLOW IT!  YOU ARE THERE!  You've made it to the point where you WILL start seeing consistent progress.  You are also at the point where many of the other secrets of weight loss which are specific to you will become more apparant.  So, get hungry and (in the words of one of my favorite commercials, almost) "Stay hungry, my friend." (sound bite)