(compare to Nov 12, 2010)

On trainers count, complete 5 rounds of the following:

400m run
20 V-ups
20 Bulgarian side steps (R)
20 Bulgarian side steps (L)

Post Rx (if earned) or reps missed to comments.


Q: I'm new here and, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it cheating when you swing biceps curls? 

A: Kind of depends on what you call cheating.  If it is "cheating" to simulate a movement that you do in real life; if it is "cheating" to perform a movement that has more functional transfer; if it is cheating to use more muscle groups (all of them) with one exercise; if it is cheating to improve your health exponentially more than a strict body building style biceps curl could do while netting the same shaping effect, then - YEP!


GPP storms somewhere in MEXICO!  Thx Traci.  ALLCON - Keep these coming!