Perform 8 rounds of 20 sec of work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest of the following:

BTB squats (rest occurs in squat position)
jump rope (rest occurs in squat position)
ab jacks (rest occurs in plank position)
biceps curls (rest occurs in middle position)

Post reps completed to comments


I think I may have discovered the worlds most perfect beverage.  So, I'd like to take some time and make a case for why we should all be drinking O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer instead of some of the stuff we may be drinking instead. 

First of all the basic ingredients of O'Doul's beer is water, barley, hops and yeast.  Simple. Basic. Natural. Healthy. Please compare these ingredients to the Diet Coke or Mountain Dew you are about to down. Here are some interesting facts about the ingredients.

You should know there are only 60 calories in each 16 oz elixir.  That's about half of what you'd expect in a regular soft drink.  Yup, that means you can have two of them!  A plus in any book, right?  BTW these calories will have very little effect on your blood sugar in terms of insulin spike.  It just gets better and better.

Consider the taste.  According to the Great American Beer Festival (a three day event held in Denver every year in September) it has won 13 consecutive awards in the non-alcoholic malt beverage category dating back to 1993.  This alone should make you confident in the taste, but here is the thing I like the best... It is NOT sweet.  I believe Americans have lost the ability to taste ANYTHING, but that which is salty or sweet.  Indeed this has left us without the will to actually taste our food.  In fact, it addicts us to these two taste profiles and causes us to reject more nutritious and healthy choices.  How do we undo this addiction?  Simply quit feeding it.  Yet another case for drinking O'Doul's. 

Although Water is what I consider to be a "perfect beverage" it is not without it's drawbacks.  See, water provides very little in terms of nutritional value and nothing in terms of energy.  O'Doul's has both energy (remember 60 calories) and other types of nutritional value.  Did you know that simply one O'Doul's will provide nearly 10 percent of your daily recommendation for soluble fiber!  This makes it good for digestion.  Increasing soluble fiber also has been proven to lower cholesterol and decrease potential for heart attacks and stroke!

Oh, the benefits don't stop there.  O'Doul's consumption provides protection from Heliobacter pylori.  This is the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. 

O'Doul's is chocker block full of anti-oxidants.  The particular anti-oxidants in O'Doul's are more absorbable than those of wines.  Anti-oxidants are important for healthy aging and are useful for preventing many diseases.  

O'Douls has vitamins (niacin, riboflavin-B2, pyridoxine-B6, folate-B9, cobolamin-B12) and minerals like potassium (an electrolyte) and magnesium (energy).  Scientists are finding these minerals to be important in preventing kidney stones! The list goes on and on. 

On a final note, it may be important for some of you to know that O'Doul's is also (my) bishop approved.  When I asked him about it at the fireworks on the 24th of July this year (in front of my ECP) he said it was, "not a problem" as far has he was concerned. 

So there you have it.  A pretty good case for drinking O'Doul's (or really any other non-alcoholic brew).  Especially after a workout.  Man, it is refreshing! 

Drawbacks?  They are few, but it is important to know that those who are recovering aloholics should stay away from it.  This makes sense.  Temptation is greater for the real stuff among these folks. 

What do you think?  Would you try it?  Why?  Why not?