(compare to 2/11/11)

For time:

15-16-17-18-19-20 reps of:

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35


1 mile run

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To help you get through Hell Week we have a couple of suggestions. 

1.  Get plenty of sleep this week.  No less than 6 and no more than 9 will make a difference.
2.  Drink a bunch of water.  More than usual.
3.  Eat a banana every day this week.  You'll need the energy and electrolytes.
3.  Consider a post workout protein shake.  We suggest M'lis.  The aminos will help you recover and minimize soreness. Taken within 40 mins post-workout is most beneficial.
4.  Directly after the workout you may benefit from some light (very light) stretching.
5.  Get a rub down.  Therapeutic massage can be very helpful to aid in recovery and prevent soreness.
6.  Get off your feet.  We realize this may be next to impossible.  Try anyway.  Rest those muscles as much as possible. 
7.  Take an ice bath.  Yes, they are terrible but we have noticed almost immediate, long term relief after. 
8.  Don't over-train.  Scale workouts where needed.  This week is about truly finding your you limits NOT pushing beyond them. 


Alashiya demos how to roughen the "Shredder."