Perform 5 max effort sets of each exercise before moving to the next:

double unders
pushups strict/rings
strict biceps curls 15/25
250m row

Rest as needed between sets.
Post max reps and times for each set to comments. 


Have you registered for Lizz's open water swim clinic?  Last time I attended this I came away truly inspired.  The instructors are top notch.  The info is invaluable. The lessons and techniques apply to everyone whether or not you ever do a tri.  BTW - you will never find another one this affordable.  Here is some info.



Registration Closing Date

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 @ 11:59 PM

Brief Description

There are still a few Open Water Triathlons to look forward to this season! Here is your chance to get in some more open water swimming help! Expert coaches, fun atmosphere, and just 90 minutes gets you home in time for dinner. Bring your wet suit (we'll tell you where you can rent one - cheap), goggles, towel and positive attitude for a really great, super intense, fun for all abilities, evening in East Canyon Reservoir!

Additional Information

We will meet in the dirt parking lot on the left, before you enter the state park. After registration you will receive detailed information from the event organizers.

Register Here! 


Allison's got her game face on.