Complete 4 rounds of each.  Rest as needed.

10 forward lunges L
10 side step lunges L
10 step back lunges L
repeat entire sequence for R side
8 chinups (strict)
8 BB biceps clean curls 55/95 (raise with a jump, lower in a 4 count)

Post reps completed to comments. 


It has been a fun month of training so far.  Every year we program a full month of shaping workouts in March.  We also do this in Dec.  Why?  Slowing down your workouts a little gives your body a chance to recover some.  It also helps enhance and shape your muscles.  If you are an athlete, it helps build ligaments and tendons. 

Starting next month we begin pulling all the winter weight off you.  Beginning April 1, expect to see workouts that keep you breathing more heavily.   Yep, we will be running a bunch more.  Generally, we run between 1-5 miles per week.   This month you can expect to run 1-2 miles per week, as you have been doing.  Next month we move toward the higher end of that figure (around 4-5 miles per week). 

We have discovered this has a nice shaping effect.  We shape your muscles during march then pull the fat off of them through the months of April and May.  At the end of May you should be looking GREAT!  Just in time for summer.  Need help?  Be looking for our next Crash Course Challenge beginning April 1.  It is a six week challenge to put your butt on the line and provide some extra motivation to shape up for summer.  More details to come.  


Sometimes THIS is what it takes...