3 rounds of:

4 strict chinups
12 biceps BB curls AHAP
25 alt DB biceps curls 15/20

Limit rest during triplet.  Rest as needed after each triplet. 

3 rounds of:

4 deep ring dips
12 BB skull crusher 45/65
25 triceps OH french presses 15/30

Limit rest during triplet.  Rest as needed after each triplet

4 rounds of:

400 m sprint
Each is timed individually.  Rest as needed between sprints. 

Post weights, reps completed and time of sprints to comments.


Are you up for another challenge?  Join us for the M'lis Real Food Challenge. 

Why Take the Real Food Challenge?

When it comes to eating healthy, it is always best to choose whole, natural, real foods. As much as we want to believe that we are more advanced than our ancestors, they had the right idea when it came to their diets. Locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and meats were dietary staples for centuries, which eventually gave way to highly processed and refined foods such as fast food and ready-made meals to cater to our industrialized and increasingly busy lifestyles.

These convenience foods are over-processed and often devoid of nutrients leaving them inadequate to support our daily nutrient requirements. In addition to their lack of essential nutrients, processed foods are often packed with high levels of unhealthy fats, food additives and preservatives in order to enhance their flavor or extend their shelf life. Food companies have started to offer processed foods that claim enhanced nutrient contents – it is easy to find foods touting enhanced fiber, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant or omega-3 fat content, however, there is absolutely no substitute for the nourishment we receive from simply eating Real Food, and this is why we created the Real Food Challenge.

It’s simple - eat Real Food for 28 days.  Click here for more details from FaceBook.


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