For time:

1 mile run
50 pullups
75 pushups
150 squats

Post time to comments.
Our "SuperFits" can do this workout in under 20 min.


pics of GPP'rs doing the Dirty Dash this weekend.  If you have more please send to  I'll post them ASAP. 

Really, REALLY fun day.  Let's run a huge team in the dirty dash this May!  Contact me or Lizz to be on the "team." 

Ashlan, Lauren, N/A & Amanda (check out her number).  This is after their race and they had some cool stories.  I can't figure out how they stayed so clean.  

Ashley, Justin and ? somewhere along the course. 

Team GPP (N/A, Lemon, Kate, Jason, Tommy, Kenzie) "before"

Team GPP "after."

Lots more cool pics to come in the "Workout Pics" section of this website.