800m run

5 rounds for time:

10 deadlifts 95/135
10 inchworms
10 pullups


100 situps (one round only). 

Post times for run, 5 rounds of work and situps to comments.


At GPP we believe... that health is a multifaceted pursuit.  ...that becoming healthy involves much more than just mastery of proper exercise and nutritional habits.  ...that, in fact, too much focus on exercise and nutrition in one's life can have the opposite effect and lead to imbalances, poor health and eventually disease.  

Participating in the Dirty Dash this weekend drove these points home to me with dramatic effect.  

The Dirty Dash is an impressive advocate of all things healthy.  It is horribly mislabeled though.  It isn't a race.  It is a RUN. Those who raced this event sorely missed the point.  They missed out on points of health (Emotional, Mental, Social, Spiritual, Financial, Physical) that this type of event can uniquely add to one's life. I don't remember the last time I was able to so tacitly participate in such a pursuit.  I laughed and laughed until my stomach hurt.  I will forever be a fan of what the Dirty Dash represents and what is does for improving the health of its participants.     


Just a few of the 80, or so, of us at the finish line.  A more complete pic to come (they haven't posted the big finish pic yet)