4 rounds for time:

20 dead lifts 95/135
20 single arm KB cleans (R) 25/35
20 Aussie pullups
20 single arm KB cleans (L) 25/35
20 bench dips

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I feel bad for eggs.  Yep, eggs.  Once the scientific community made the link between cholesterol and heart disease it (quite blindly) banned them completely.  During the 1980s and 1990s the anti-egg paranoia hit fever pitch.  Although things in the anti-egg camp have cooled off (complete reversal actually) there are still a lot of people (including health care providers) who won't touch them.  Seems like once a food gets a bad rep it sticks.  

Eggs are heart healthy.  They are recommended eating for GPPrs.  They are an excellent source of:

Choline - promotes memory.
Lutein and zeaxanthin - antioxidants thought to promote eye health.
Selenium and Vitamin E - stress busters also antioxidants
Protein - might be the highest-quality most inexpensive protein on the planet.
Small amounts of vital nutrients, including folate, riboflavin, selenium and B12.  

They are also an e(gg)cellent (couldn't resist) snack.  Only 75 calories per.  Doctors now recommend them for LOWERING cholesterol.  Most nutritional experts say 1-2 per day promotes health. 


Chalis is rockin the OH sq.  Rookie is amazing!