Warm up - 3 sets of 3 min double unders

6-6-5-5-4-4 - dead lifts AHAP

4 sets of max rep pushups

Post consecutive DUs, weights for DLs and pushup reps to comments.


Dozens of times over the last 2 1/2 years folks have walked into our facility and asked, "Where are all machines."  In fact, there was a group in here once that was trying to buy the facility out from under us.  The guy found out we were going to raise a stink over it so he cornered me in the gym away from the other partners and goes (smugly),

"Look... it is pretty obvious that you guys aren't doing so good." 

"Oh, really...What makes you say that?"

He laughes at me like he'd just won a hand at poker and goes, "Well, it is obvious...you guys can't even afford machines for your members to workout." 

Dude just didn't get it, so I didn't try to explain. 

The thing is: our facility is complete.  It's not that we won't be adding stuff from time to time.  We will.  But, everything we need to help a person achieve optimal health can be found within our humble little place.  We very deliberately shun most of the contraptions embraced by other facilities.  Why?  Those contraptions won't/can't help you get healthy.  Here is a better explanation why. 


The 06:30 ROCKS!