Dalton +

(Compare to 6/15/10)

For time:

100 squats
100 pushups (strict)
100 situps
100 Aussie pullups (yep you'll have to run over to the park)
100 walking lunges
1 mile run (because you already did a half mile to the Aussies)

Post time to comments.

Judy takes care of all of us. 

Last year Judy B. had a great Idea.  She thought, it would be cool to create and open source garden veggie sharing program.  BRILLIANT!  So, every day she started bringing fruit and veggies from her garden to share with all of us.  Many of us have benefited from her generosity.  I know I have enjoyed it immensely.  Let's keep the ball rolling this year.  Judy has already gotten it started.   

If you have left over fruits and/or veggies from you garden that would otherwise just sit around and rot, please bring it to the GPP.  We'll put it on the front desk area for others to benefit from.  AND if you see some fruits/veggies/herbs etc. on the front desk that you would like.  Just grab them.  That is what they are there for. 

This is just another way that what we do is different from those globo-type places.  Thanks for the great Idea Judy.  And thanks to all who participate.  It's kind of cool to be a part of a community as dedicated to each other as other individuals in those other places (globo-gyms) are to themselves.