For lowest time (in seconds) minus total reps completed:

Citizens of GPP are to organize into teams of 5.  Teams will continually perform reps of exercises (below) in unison until each individual member has sprinted around the building (approx 100 m) once.  This is to be done while the other members of the team are pounding out reps.  Upon returning from the sprint/run the runner will fall in with the rest of the group and continue with reps of the exercises while the next runner goes, and so on.  The exercises are as follows:

KB high sumo 25/35
jumping pullups

Score by subtracting total time in seconds from total reps.  Lowest score wins.  Post score to comments.


For what it is - I like THIS version much better. 


Come do the Dirty Dash with us!  Click HERE for info, or if you are already registered through GPP


Yes, prayer style DOES work best.