4 rounds for time:

15 bent DB rows AHAP
15 biceps curls AHAP
400 m run
15 pullups
15 triceps dips
400 m run

Post time to comments.

Zaida shows mom (Ashley) how its done.



Just wanted you to know how grateful we are that you have trusted your health and fitness to Lizz, Meg and myself.  Thank you for being part of this community.  Thank you for letting us be part of your community.  I know that last sentence sounds cheesy, but we mean it, so there it is. Wanted to give you an update on the status of all the equipment we are getting in. 

Most of the equipment shipped today.  Within the next 5 days you should see new:

Flooring - we got the good stuff.  No big ridges and this stuff was actually made for people (not horses). Bet you didn't know I pulled in horse stall mats for the last place. He he. 

New Dumbbells - We got a matching set this time.  I drove me crazy to have different handles and sized weights.  It mucked with my OCD so bad that I literally lost minutes off some workouts looking for matching sets.  I call this the OCD cheat.  This time we got all Hamptons.  They should be exactly the same.  The 15's 20's and 25 were shipped Monday. 

Bars - The Rogue bars (guaranteed for life) will be here shortly.  The ladies bars (5 footers) will be coming a little later.  Or not.  Having a hard time getting straight answers about our ladies bars. 

Bumper plates - The last bumper plates we were using were made of recycled rubber tires.  Our new ones were actually made as bumper plates.  They don't bounce as much, which always worried me about the last ones.  I've seen people drop bars then lean over as the bar bounced up just inches from their head.  Seemed dangerous, so I went with better bumper plates this time. 

Kettle bells - We got all "ader's" this time.  They are on back order and are not scheduled to ship for 7-10 days from now.  Sorry.  The good thing is, I can do almost everything with DB's that I can do with KB's.  Hang with us.  They are on the way. 

Abmats were shipped on the 11th.  Your backsides may breathe a sigh of relief now. 

Rowers shipped on the 11th.  You should know, we ordered 10.  We had 8 in our last place.  I got sick of not being able to program with the rowers due to the fact we didn't have enough of them.  Two extra should solve this problem to a greater extent. I already fear this fact.  I HATE rowing. 

The Rack - This also shipped on the 11th.  Should be here by the end of the week.  No surprises here.  Got the same rack for pullups and etc. as last time.  We have a different configuration planned this time.  Should be more space for all of us. Not sure if I'll be able to do pullups on a rack that has no dead skin cells and dried blood on it (we DO Lysol every time), but I'm sure that will take care of itself in time. 

Unfortunately, the budget for GHD's and wall balls was blown on lawyer fees last week over some sour grapes.  We plan on getting them in ASAP.  My apologies. 

Thank you for your patience.  I can assure you, although the workouts haven't had as much equipment as you may have been used to, they are still every bit as effective for achieving optimal health.  I have had to dig deep (with lots of help from Lizz, Meg and others) to create workouts that are equally effective as what we have done before.  Thank you for being great sports.  I have learned a lot from this experience.  It has been fun to get back to the roots of what fitness really is.  It will be even more fun to get our equipment back and get back to what we usually do, but I wouldn't get to comfortable.  We have created some cool outdoor workouts that were so effective, you can bet some will be coming up in the rotation again and again.