5 sets of 8 reps - alt DB biceps curls
Begin with manageble weight.  Try to incr wt on every set.  Post weights for each set to comments


"Three Bars of Death"

AMRAP in 20 min of:

5 deadlifts 95/135
5 power cleans 45/95
5 push press 45/95

post rounds completed to comments


Outsiders - Nov 13-14 Recap


 Group Run Wednesday night @ 7:15pm @ GPP HQ


The Saturday crew (Neil, Lizz, Kate, Jason, Kenzie, Amy, Tommy) of Outsiders overlooking Jordanelle reservoir.  Great weekend!  Too much fun!!! Outsiders not shown (there wasn't a pic of all of us together) - Meg, Damon, Tim, Jamie.