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Questing Beast

Workout Notes: 

  1. Just do the reps then hold where it hurts the most. 

  2. For the squat, hold at the bottom of a squat. When you here the beep continue squatting. 

  3. When you get to the cardio sections, just go like HELL for the 20 secs, then coast during the 10. 

  4. Not looking for strict moves for the most part. Just try to do a lot of work with the best form you can muster. If form breaks down stop the movement. 

  5. On the "bent row hold" hold the bar against your chest while bent over. Should be a lot of fun during this 4 min adventure! 

  6. How do you "coast" on burpees? OK, fine! You may rest here.

  7. Use a DB for the V-twist. Yes, yes, I know the vid shows a med ball. 

  8. How to hold the V-twist? Just stop moving in the middle of the movement and hold it right there! 

  9. The workout is designed to go from lift exercises to cardio exercises. Don't mess with this. You'll need the rest. Plus I'm trying to get your HR up. If you have to mess with it go from the bottom of the workout to the top, but don't mix up the order much more than that. 

  10. If you don't have ellipticals or bikes just get creative with your cardio.