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Ashes 2 Ashes


Ashes 2 Ashes

Workout Notes: 

  • AKA "Specter's baby sister"

  • This workout is HARD. If you don't have adequate experience and coaching with the power clean, you are FORBIDDEN to try the weights suggested here. Instead, lighten up the bar (45/65?) and use the PC portion of this workout to learn great form and gain proficiency with this complex movement. 

  • ATTACK THAT YAK!, but don't over-do it.

  • Many refer to the mother of this workout ("Specter") as "two faced." You'll see why. It helps to stop for a sec. in the middle of the workout, take a deep breath, smile a little then PLOW ON!

  • Two Faced = insincere and deceitful. Not being or expressing what one appears to be. Artificial, backhanded, counterfeit, double, double-dealing, double-faced, fake, feigned, hypocritical, Janus-faced, jive [slang], left-handed, lip, mealy, mealymouthed, ...

  • Many, in their haste to outsmart this workout, have thought it wise to begin with 20 reps of burpees and 2 PCs. ALL regretted their choice.   

  • This workout is equal parts mental and physical. Stay positive throughout. Remember, it's not you it's HER (meaning this workout).  

  • If you've never done this before, we forbid you to do all the reps. Lower back soreness factor is very high.

  • Thanks to Justin McQueen for the proper naming of this (it's formerly known as PC & Burp).