Organize into teams of 5.  Team members will count all reps of the exercises below as individuals.  At the end of the exercise (90 seconds) each individual will report their reps to the team captain who will total them for the team.  Team with the highest amount of combined reps (per exercise AND for the entire workout) is the winner. 

Perform exercises as a team.  You will have precisely 90s rest between exercises.

90s KB swings 25/35
90s jump ropes 
90s pushups
90s Aussie Pullups
90s box jumps
90s OH DB strict presses 15/20
90s plate cleans 25/45
90s situps

Post team totals per exercise and for entire workout to comments. 


Dirty Dashers: We will have your packets for the "race" to pick-up at GPP by Thursday afternoon.  To participate in the DD you must fill-out and submit a waiver.  We will have these available when you pick up your packet, OR you can do it on-site on "race" day.