Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.

V - ups
tick tock abs R 25/35
tick tock abs L 25/35
box jumps (15 inch box)

Post total reps for each exercise to comments


We have added a new feature to our site.  Exercise Video Demos are intended to help you follow along with us if you happen to be off-site. It is a work in progress.  We expect our video library to grow tremendously over the coming years.  If you don't see an exercise you are curious about please drop us a line (  We will get it up as soon as we are able. 

Ours is a minimalist approach.  The video demos manifest this.  They are intended to give you all of the instruction you need to rapidly improve your fitness while speeding on your way to optimal health.  If you are looking for instructional videos showing the very nuances of movement that demonstrate the fastest way to perform "perfect" movements, you will be better served elsewhere.  We believe the concept of striving for "perfect movements" is silly and wasteful.  We also believe professionals who try to teach these types of movements are focused on purposes OTHER than your health. 


"If you walk away from a deadlift workout with bloody KNOW you did it right!"  BRAVO Marcus!