4 sets of each:

15 squat/curl/press 15/25 ea. (each movement strict up/down)

15 OH triceps ext 20/30

35 double crunches (tap feet down upon torso extension)

100 jump ropes

Post weights, sets and reps completed to comments.

2.75 miles into our 5.5 mile trip over the mountain the "Outsiders" (Kerry, Julie, Amy, Tom, Kenz, Amber, Craig, Kate, Jason, Ashlan, Nick & Angie - 6 others not pictured - Neil, Moka, Mike, Laura, Megan, Lizz ) run into this amazing cabin on the top of the mountain!  You HAVE to come with us next time.  "Outsiders" trips are planned every other month.  ALL are welcomed to come.  We'd love to have you.  We'll post the next trip soon.  We also went for a midnight dip in a beaver pond (after we chipped through the ice - 8 inches of it!) and did some full-contact sledding for a morning workout!