Run the Rack BACKWARDS for each muscle group listed below - then run. Start at the highest weight you can possibly accomplish 10 reps with. Then move down in weight, doing 10 reps with each set of weights until you’ve gone all the way to the lightest weight. On the last set, do a burnout of 20 reps.

Complete 4 rounds.

10 front squats
10 DB biceps curls (strict)
10 OH triceps ext
400 m run

Post highest weight of each run to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. Masters: 2 Rounds, then finish by running 800m.

  2. Don't confuse this workout with our other "run the rack" workout. This one is done in rounds instead of back to back sets of the same muscle groups.

  3. After you storm down the rack with fr. squats, move straight to the next exercise (biceps curls) without taking a rest. Do the same from biceps to OH triceps. Then go run.

  4. Do this four times.

  5. Running the Rack: How to Mind you, this is all BACKWARDS today!

  6. Start with the weight that is AHAP for a 10 rep max with good form.

  7. It is extremely important to keep transition times between your sets of 10 to a bare minimum today. Doing so will help you attain and maintain "maximum pump," which is particularly important for gaining max benefits from this specific workout.

  8. This workout is meant to max out the muscle group, then move through the weights quickly to get a killer burn. The last set, though light, should have you on fire. (Do a burnout 20 rep on the last set if you can.) This all depends on you starting AHAP with your first set.

  9. More on “Burnout Sets”