Warm-up -

800 m run
50 squats
50 DB bent rows 15/20

Workout: 5 sets of 5 reps each

back squats AHAP
lat pull-down AHAP

Post weights used per set to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. “Hey WTH?! THIS isn’t our regular Thursday stuff!” Good eye friend, explanation in video below.

  2. These are best done in straight sets.

  3. Before you perform your first “work set” take 2 or 3 warm-up sets with a lighter weight.

  4. Perform reps at high speed without sacrificing form.

  5. Perform the warm-ups by progressively getting faster and faster. Not to the point of poor form though.

  6. Perfect form on those back squats! If you have a little back trouble, keep the movement a little shallow today. We have a VERY long time to get lower and lower. It’ll come. Don’t force it today.

  7. See vid for thoughts on staying seated during HEAVY pull-downs.

Hey WTH?! THIS isn’t our regular Thursday stuff!

What Even IS the Bossame Challenge?