Note: rest as much as is needed between different exercises.

Begin with 10 squats
Rest 30 seconds.
Add 10 squats and repeat.
Continue with this until you are unable to complete the full set.
Post highest string of continuous squats to comments.

Begin with 3 pullups
Rest 30 sec.
Add 3 reps and repeat.
Continue with this until you are unable to complete the full set.
Post highest string of continuous pullups to comments. 

Begin with 5 chair dips.
Rest 30 seconds.
Add 5 reps and repeat.
Continue with this until you are unable to complete the full set.
Post highest string of continuous chair dips to comments. 

Begin with 6 V-ups
Rest 30 seconds
Add 6 reps and repeat.
Continue with this until you are unable to complete the full set.
Post highest string of continuous V-ups to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

With a continuously running clock:

On the first min complete 20 tick tocks R 25/35
On the second min complete 20 tick tocks L 25/35

On the third min add 5 more to the R 2535
On the fourth min add 5 more to the L 25/25 

Continue this pattern by adding 5 reps to each side every other minute for as long as you are able. 
At the point where you fail (you won't really), or when you are no longer to complete all the reps within the minute (make them right) - you are done.

Be sure to complete the same amount of reps on both sides.

Workout Notes:

  1. Thoughts on tick tocks

  2. Be super strict with your :30s rests.

  3. I messed with the thought of extending the rest to :60s for ease of timing. No bueno. Need the shorter rests with this one.

  4. You may go in any order.

  5. If you know you cannot string, at least, 3 sets of reps together, scale from the beginning. For example, if you know you don't have 15 chair dips done with good form, begin the workout doing chair dips with feet under you, instead of extended.

  6. If you are able to string 5 sets of pullups together you'll have completed 45 pullups. In my experience, hands begin to rip around 50.

  7. Chair dips are only Rx if legs are straight.

  8. The set is over once you stop in a rested position (i.e. seated during chair dips) . Note: halting in an active position (arms/legs extended, full weight on still hands during chair dips) is not counted as a stop.

Musings …

Varsity Squad is Lighting It UP!

Years ago I had what I thoughts was cool idea. I thought it would be sweet to coach kids at fitness. Yep, just plain old fitness. Not sports related, not dance related. Just working out - with kids. My thoughts were, “Not every kid is good at, or even interested in sports or dance. But hell, EVERY kid can pick stuff up and put it back down. Besides, kids these days need fitness more than ever.”

Granted, fitness for kids doesn’t seem like that unique of an idea now, but a decade ago, parents weren’t ready. I started the classes anyway. I figured, GPP folks are early adapters. They’ll get it.

They didn’t.

Classes began with a bang (15 or so kids) and fell off quickly. Pretty soon it was just the kids of the instructors. Mostly Me and Meg. :) Within a few months our kids program fizzled out and I dropped it. It became relegated to a “Summer Series” only.

This year something changed for me. My sons (Zach and Kohl) had some tremendous physical, mental and emotional success through exercise. Many of you know Kohl’s (13-14) story. If you missed it, check it out here. In part because of Kohl’s success, Zach (15-16) started coming down to the gym on Saturday mornings and lifting with Kohl and I. Our Saturday “Bro” sessions became so fun that we started working out together a lot more frequently. Of course, this leads to a lot of other healthy changes and after a super fun year, all three of us experienced some dramatic healthy changes. A few of those changes:

  • Kohl’s bench press (the thing that started it all off) went from a respectable 95 lbs to 200 lbs! Yes, he is BARELY 14!

  • Zach lost 55 lbs! Also, his bench press went up 75 lbs!

  • I healed my shoulder. I tore something in it 2 years ago skipping rocks (read: showing off). Last year at this time, after a full year of healing, I couldn’t loft a 10 lb weight overhead with my R arm. MY bench press was a paltry 95 lbs. Now I can press MUCH more and went overhead with 30 lbs in my R hand the other day without pain.

It turns out, I’ve developed a knack for training kids. This has rekindled my passion for doing so. So we brought it back. You should see that VARSITY squad (pictured). I’ll tell you right now, I’d HATE to go up against one of these guys later this year when they start wrestling. NO BUENO! They are getting STRONG!

I’m going to keep the classes going. JV (8-12) is so damn fun! I let the kids get on the equipment and handle the implements. They love being treated like the adults are treated! And all of them are making amazing progress.

If you are interested in signing your kids up, you haven’t missed it. Bring them by. Sign them up any time (go here). I’d love to have them in class!

Just wanted you to know we are still having it.

Also, it looks like the ALL GIRLS class is a go! We are planning on doing these on Wednesdays and Fridays. Look for more details in a couple of weeks!

Varsity boys getting yoked with some conjugate method!

Varsity boys getting yoked with some conjugate method!