Complete as many reps as possible in 2 minutes of the following exercise.  Rest only :15s transitioning from one exercise to the next.  Exercises are:

walking lunges (counted 1+1=1)
rope jumps
tick tock R 25/35
tick tock L 25/35
Aussie pullups
Superman back ext.
tap down crunches
donkey kicks

Post reps completed per exercise to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. Super hard to pick a workout for today. Everything is fried. Just as it should be. Wondering how I do the programming? Watch the vid to the R. I tell all my secrets. I WANT you to know! Please share with your peeps.

  2. Don't like Donkey kicks? Maybe you just don't have a wall that'll take the abuse. Cool, do mountain climbers instead. Count them 1+1=1.

  3. Have you checked out our instagram stories yet? I've been posting a lot of tips and tricks there. Even previewed today's workout.

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