For time:

1 min cardio
50 Smith machine bench press 65/95
1 min cardio
50 jumping pullups
1 min cardio
50 goblet squats 15/20
1 min cardio
50 situps
1 min cardio
50 stab ball back ext
1 min cardio
50 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea. 
1 min cardio
50 triceps cable push downs 5/7

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Replace 1 min cardio for 2 min!

Workout Notes: 

  1. That Smith machine bench press is cool. Hope you kept a record of the weights you used last time, some of you got pretty sore from this.  

  2. I wouldn't do this on a regular bench press. 50 presses is NO JOKE! Don't want to put yourself at risk of dropping the weight on your neck! 

  3. Don't alternate the biceps curls. 

  4. If you KNOW (a few of you salty vets will) you'll go under 20 min to get this done, do the extras! 

  5. Post your time. 

Q: How high should I swing my KB?

A: However high you can swing it while keeping lats engaged. If you let go of the lats, shoulders protract and you chance hurting your back. Yes, I know I should have posted this yesterday. I blame Google. If they wanted you to have it yesterday, they’d have sent it to my magic inbox (of shit I know nothing about, don’t know how it was made, or why they sent it at all) sooner. Even so, It is cool.


Musings …

Actually this is really more of an AD - albeit an important one!

10 yrs ago when I tried doing “Kid’s Fitness Classes, no one was having it. I was told by parents, “Oh, I don’t know if little Timmy/Hannah really need a FITNESS class. I think I’ll just sign them up for (fill in dance/sport/hobby).”

So I dropped the thought of it.

!0 years later, it’s time! Kids need fitness NOW more than EVER! And GPP is JUST the sort of thing they need most. Sure, sign them up for stuff. They need the skills and abilities that sports, dance and other active hobbies can afford them. Then bring them down to GPP for their Complete, Balanced, Functional & Aesthetic fitness classes! Over the last few years I’ve really gotten a knack for training kids (have you seen my boys?!)!

We plan to keep them going forever! Plus $55.00 for 6 weeks is a stellar price!