burpee on the first minute,
2 burpees on the second minute, and so on ...
- Continue adding 1 burpee per minute for as long as you are able.
- When you max out take 1 min off.
- Then, go back down the hill the same way you went up.

Post number of rounds successfully completed to comments. The Rx can be claimed ONLY by those who make it back down the hill without taking more than 1 minute rest.

Daily Extras - Run it off - 1 mile.

Workout Notes:

  1. Go back an look at one of the the last times we did this. Yep, it's been a while. Some pretty high numbers in the comments section, no? If you're hoping to beat those high numbers keep this in mind: You have to come back down that hill!

  2. Be a stickler about your burpee form. Chest flat down to jump in the air with hands above your head. Extend the hips please.

  3. NEVER clap a burpee. EVER.

  4. This will be interesting. Pumped to see your experiences with this.

  5. Watch all vids below!

Kids class and Varsity kids was a smash today! Very cool. Classes are almost full, but there is still room in both. Sign your kids up today (Click HERE)! Next class is Thursday 3:30 (varsity) & 4:15 (kids)

Avery signing kids up! Fun stuff!

Avery signing kids up! Fun stuff!