10-8-6-8-10 reps per round of BB bent rows (heavy)
3 min plate switches (4" platform) 
5 sets of 20 Aussie pullups
3 min stationary side hops R (4" platform)
5 sets of 15-20 shoulder shrugs 15/20
3 min stationary side hops L (4" platform)

Post weights used and failure points from the shoulder shrugs to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. Monkey Motion? (Musings by Neil) 

  2. Do lifting segments in straight sets.

  3. If needed, use monkey motion for rows and Aussies.

  4. The weights suggested for shrugs will be too light for some. 

Musings …

A letter from Debbie. myfitnesspal.com says situps and crunches are bad for you. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for the letter Debbie.

Cool Haps at GPP!

This was a fun day & possibly good for GPP! And hopefully for others, too!

Some background: Last week I got a call from a producer (Erica) of a new show. It’s called “Family Rules!” The producer said she found our little mixed family on Instagram and wanted to know if we’d be willing to do a show with a health and fitness theme featuring our “little” family!

I’m all, “THAT’S OUR JAM!”

She hooked me up with another producer (Larissa) who did an interview with Linds and I on the phone and arranged for a shoot time. I’m figuring, sometime next month, right? Nope. It was Thursday when we were talking and she scheduled the shoot for Monday! EEEK.

Still, what an opportunity!

I’m figuring and planning on a pretty small thing. Maybe a producer and a camera person comes out. We screw around on camera a little and call it a day!

Haha. I wasn’t even close!

Turns out this is a network gig. They sent a whole crew! There was a producer, a director, 2 camera guys, a drone, a sound guy and a STAR! Check him out! Yahosh (@yahoshb) was amazing! What a talented person! You should like and share his YouTube channel.

We did an all day shoot featuring the entire family at 3 different locations including the Anderson Farm, GPP and a park near Bountiful High!

I’m not sure when it airs. I’ll keep you informed.

We all had a fun time! We can’t wait to share it with you!