For time:

50 walking lunges (R+L=1)
400m unilateral running biceps curl R 15/20
400m unilateral running biceps curl L 15/20
400m running OH triceps ext  15/20
400m unilateral running OH press R 15/20
400m unilateral running OH press L 15/20
50 tick tocks R 15/20 - 200m R side bucket carry 15/20
50 tick tocks L 15/20 - 200m L side bucket carry 15/20

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Run 1 mile. Bringing your total up to just over 4 miles for the week! Perfect.

Workout Notes: 

  1. We only do this one a couple of times per year. And yes, I agree - it's ROUGH.

  2. We've learned that the secret to not whacking the back of your head and spine with the DB while running and tri'ing, is to hold an end of the DB in each hand.

  3. The point is to do as many reps as possible per run.

  4. ROM for tic-tocks is ALL the way over and back. Go until you feel a stretch on both sides of each rep.

  5. We’ve seen people do this workout on treadmills. If you can’t find a place to run, this might be an option for you. Be careful not to get distracted or go too fast if you decide to give it a go.

Musings …

I’ve Been Writing a Book Off and On for the Last 2 yrs. Heres a story from pg 19. Would love your feedback.

… I remember one fight in particular. Couldn’t frickin believe middle aged, Nike clad and perfectly done up mommys could, or even would, throw down as hard they did. It was mid-morning. That’s when the mommys are there. The mommy crowd in my area (like yours?) wakes up super early. In an almost herculean daily effort of stress, yelling and endless shuttling they strive to get themselves immaculately made up, kids ready for school and husbands off to work. In truth, I’ll bet these little mommies get a lot more done in fewer minutes than most folks will accomplish in an 8 hour work day. 

Typically their last drop of the morning is the elementary kids for whom class time begins promptly at 0845. Here’s the conundrum, dropping kids off too early at school is cause for incurring little Timmy’s wrath. Apparently, getting to school too early in this area is something only nerdy kids do. The moms know this, so they usually schedule elementary drop off for as late as possible. This is a problem because their fav aerobics class at the gym starts promptly at 0845. If they are even a few mins late there won’t be enough equipment or room left in the class and they’ll have to sit and wait for the next class which starts an hour later. It pisses those little mommies off to miss their favorite classes and instead of just leaving and chancing being late for the beginning of the next class, most will go ruminate on one of the machines in the cardio section. The consolation prize is being able to get ahead with some light cardio while watching their fav morning programs on one of the T.V.s. God help the poor soul who gets between a stressed out mommy and her consolation prize of light cardio and fav program. 

With 7 T.V.s (usually only 5-6 working) the consortium of stressed out mommies are then forced to try and agree upon what they should all watch together. Hehe. Right? NOT BLOODY LIKELY! Most of the time the ladies were quite well mannered about the whole thing. Plus there were the rules. The rules of the gym stated, if you wanted to get one of the channels changed, you were to ask one of the front desk staff to change it. This made it so, no one would just go off half-cocked and start changing channels at will. There had to be a consensus. Front desk staff would obtain this consensus before changing anything. 

The lady with new boobs didn’t really care about the rules or obtaining a consensus that day. Pissy about missing the last spot in Heidi’s abs class she stormed out of the aerobics room and made a beeline for the front desk. She wasn’t one of those people who’d be classy about being late and not getting ‘her spot” in her fav abs class. In fact, it wasn’t anyone at the gym’s first run in with her. A couple of weeks prior, she was a smidge late for the same class and someone had already set up their equipment in “her spot.” To which her reaction was to grab the poor unsuspecting interlopers stuff and walk it to the door and pitch it forcefully from the aerobics room into the gym. The lady’s response to having her stuff yardsaled all over the gym? She apologized! Big Boobs was so intimidating all the poor soul could think to do was apologize for having her stuff in the way!  

I knew Big Boobs was up to something as she stormed to the front desk. My client and I giggled at her with evil delight knowing we were in for a show as she hopped her belly and giant DDs over the counter, snatched up the remote and bolted toward cardio row. The front desk staff watched in shock as she walked right up to a TV where no fewer than 6 ladies were enjoying a re-run of Judge Judy and changed it over to network news. Then sat her happy ass down on the closest recumbent bike, plugged in her headphones and went to work as if nothing had ever happened. Happy as a clam! However, blue Nike shirt with VERY big hair was having none of it! Leaving it running at full speed, she jumped off her treadmill and stormed over to Big Boob chick, snatched up the remote, changed the channel back and received thunderous applause for her efforts as she jogged back and hopped back onto her treadmill with the style and grace of a conquering hero! 

Looking back, that’s where Big Hair flubbed it. She should have just walked the remote back to the front desk staff. I think it would have ended there if she would have. But like, the fabled Icarus, the applause took her too close to the sun. And now she had to burn. 

Big Boobs chick was too shocked to move for a minute. While she gathered herself, Big Hair lady, who was silently, smugly reveling in her victory, let her guard down. She didn’t even see the Tetons sneak up behind her, snatch the remote, change the channel and walk away with it. As Tetons triumphantly walked away with the remote, Hairzilla was right on her heels, snatching it back and changing channels right in front of her as she let out a triumphant “HUMPH!” This went back and forth a couple of times before, it appeared, Tetonia gave up. Moments later, Tetonia walked up behind the treadmill Hairzilla was running on, grabbed two full handfuls of brass colored, hairspray ratted hair and violently threw the weight of the entire state of Wyoming behind her as she attempted to slam Hairzilla to the ground! Surprisingly, Big Hair caught the rails of the treadmill and prevented a pretty ugly wreck! That’s about as far as it got. Front desk staff intervened, cops were called and all things slowly got back to normal in the world. On a side note, I saw the two of them working out right next to each other in Heidi’s class the very next day. They didn’t seem like the very best of friends, but neither of them seemed like they were altogether bothered by the fiasco of the day before.     

Getting back to my point, for this and many other reasons, LM and I hated doing our cardio in the gym. So instead, we’d constantly be looking for other ways of getting our heavy breathing on. Our fav method became hiking …

I’m not sure how this monstrosity came to be, or came to be on the fr. desk. After addition of a KB though, I’ve grown quite fond of it.

I’m not sure how this monstrosity came to be, or came to be on the fr. desk. After addition of a KB though, I’ve grown quite fond of it.