5 rounds for time:

10 power cleans 65/95
10 pullups
10 KB swings 35/53
10 sideways box jumps R
10 sideways box jumps L
100 rope jumps

Post time to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  1. This workout is dedicated to our prego mama LeeAnn at Animal House Fitness & Training, GPP Durham! You ready for this, LeeAnn?

  2. If you would rather, trade the rope jumps for a 200 m run (1 min).

  3. Note the size of the KB. Go bigger if you are able.

  4. I wrote this workout because of an ongoing joke I had with Meg a bunch of years back. She was still coaching classes and working out daily, right up to her due date with Ryker (3rd child). She was a little frustrated and SUPER TIRED. You know that look little mamas get in their eyes around the end of the 40th week? Meg had it at 36! Haha! Anyway, I told her, if she was still carrying him by week 40, I'd help her out a bit. Funny thing is, SHE DID THE "WATER BREAKER" WORKOUT at week 40. And NO ... it didn't break her water!

  5. Be careful with this one all you little prego mamas!

  6. "But wait! Isn't it bad for pregnant people to exercise?" Um, get with the times, man. Literally hundreds of ladies have done GPP while pregnant. Many, many of them have worked out at GPP in the morning and gone to deliver their babies later that day.

  7. Questions about working out while pregnant? Read THIS.

  8. Just because others have done GPP while pregnant, doesn't mean you shouldn't consult your doctor first. Make sure you do! Then storm it! Unless she says, "You have a very particular limitation that precludes you working out while pregnant."