4 rounds for time:

45 OH triceps extension 20/35
45 alt biceps curls 15/20 (R+L=1)
45 KB swings 25/35
45 bench dips
45 BB bent row 45/65
400 m run

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Daily Extras - 

Sub 800m run for the 400m run

Workout Notes: 

  1. Masters: 30 reps per!

  2. I'm guessing we need day off from legs. Enjoy. I doubt we'll be so lucky tomorrow or Fri.

  3. Changed this a little from years passed. Nearly 200 Aussies aren't advisable. Plus we did them Monday, so I dropped them altogether. Look for versions where we add them back in the future.

  4. Do the alt. curls conditioning style.

  5. Might need a bit of monkey motion (see vid) to get all the bent rows. Maybe a skosh, is all.

  6. If your elbows are tweaking from swinging biceps curls, lighten up and strict them with palms up. See vid R.

  7. It's not my birthday! This USED to be my B-Day workout. Started at 40ish reps. Would add a rep every year on my b-day. At some point I figured it was enough! Might pull it out and re-vamp on the big 5-0. But you have a couple of years before that happens. OK, not really that long. Plus, I HATE my birthday, so I would NEVER tell you if it was my birthday. But I WOULD tell you if it isn’t & It ISN’T. :)

Musings …

There is a way to know if your trainer is scared of you. BTW - I’m NOT! Well, NOT of most of you.

Have you tried this? Full disclosure: I biffed my first try. You should try it anyway. My inner thighs were trashed after a few mins at level 8!