In two minutes you are to run 200 m then complete the assigned reps below. At the top of a new 2 minutes, repeat the series but add 2 reps per exercise. Continue with this as far as you are able. You have completed the workout when you either "tap out" or cannot finish the work within the given time. 

200 m run
DB OH press 15/20 ea.
DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.

Post rep series completed to comments. 

Daily Extras -

  • Keep hold of the DBs during the squat (front squatting them = better).

  • Run 1 mile

Workout Notes: 

  1. Reps will go as 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23.

  2. Not many of you will go much further than 19. Please post if you do.

  3. After completing your reps, whatever is left in your 2 min is your only "rest."

  4. You'll need to get on your horse during the run if you expect to get any reps done.

  5. Strict reps will help develop muscular appearance. Reps done quickly adds to conditioning without as much "shaping" effect. You decide what you need most today. I'm going to do a few of both.

  6. Sit squat Hip Mobility

Musings …

Q: What’s with all the farming stuff?
A: I’m using my fitness, man!

I have always raged about the silliness of participating in “fitness for fitness’ sake. I believe becoming fit and healthy should be something we do mainly in pursuit of a well-lived life.

My dad & mom run a small farm up near Tremonton, Utah. They’ve been farmers all of my life (except 8 yrs they were living abroad while dad served in the military). Hell, they’ve been a farmer/ranchers all of their own, in my opinion, well-lived lives. Until recent years, mom & dad had a lot of help grinding out long hot days on the farm. With 9 kids (1 adopted, 1 god-child) there seems to have always been a lot of extra hands available to get things done.

Not so much anymore.

Over the last 10 yrs. “helping hands” have been harder and harder to come by. We all grew up, started families of our own, and most of us moved away. Only one who didn’t was brother Adrien. He lives next door to the farm, but he works out of state, so 9 months out of the year, he’s not much help! :)

I’m amazed at what mom and pop are able to get done on their own, but they aren’t as young as they used to be. And while craftiness and experience will get them farther than most of us can imagine, a LONG day of throwing hay bales just isn’t in the cards for them anymore.

This is where Linds and I come in.

I’ve been preaching “use your fitness” for so long, I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth is. We told mom & pop we’d help them all the way from spring to harvest this year! We just wanted to see if we are up to it - physically, mentally, emotionally and etc. Turns out WE ARE! Oh, it’s been tough as HELL, but that GPP stuff REALLY WORKS!

Anyway, we’ve been documenting the process. Hope you don’t mind if we share! :)