2 rounds for time:

75 situps
75 back extensions
1 mile run

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Push the rep count from 75 to 100!

Workout Notes:

  1. Long time trainer Lil’ Kate requested this workout. The last time we stormed this workout in its original form was Feb. 7, 2015. We did the + version last on June 3, 2017. That workout has 75 squats in the mix. Go ahead and throw those in if you haven’t had enough squatting this week. Ha!

  2. You can do the back extensions as supermans or on the ball as Stab Back Ext.

  3. Use your arms to throw yourself into the sitting postion on those situps. We like to use the whole body on movements like this. Kick a leg if you need to. Promise your abs will still feel it.

We got a cool before and after pic from one of our long time followers Heather C. Wow! What amazing progress! Heather used to storm with us at HQ before she moved back east for school. We love seeing her at GPP when she is here visiting her fam. Thanks for sharing Heather! @heatherbeechastain


Musings …

In case you missed this video a few days ago, here is our second attempt to get your likes and shares! Thank you!