Warm-up -

400 m run
30 aussie pullups
30 DB uni bent row R 15/25
30 DB uni bent row L 15/25
400 m run

Workout -

Set a clock to beep every 30 sec. Perform sets as outlined below. There are 15 sets of each.

5 chinups (strict)
5 BB bent row 65/95
5 BB biceps curl 45/65

Post done to comments.

Daily Extras - Do 18 sets for each exercise. Note: see workout note #10 below.

Workout Notes:

  1. This is the same workout as last Tuesday, but the movements are focused on your pullers this week instead of your pushers.

  2. Finish all 15 sets of one exercise before moving to the next.

  3. Perform each set as fast as you are safely able.

  4. Sets should use manageable weights at between 60-80% of prescribed set count.

  5. Keep the chinups strict as possible. Here are some progressions for chinups if unable to get strict.

  6. You will have to use a bit of monkey motion on the bent rows and biceps curls due to the explosive nature of the movement today.

  7. Again, high speed on all lifts. You are trying to pre-stretch the muscle using momentum.

  8. This workout should feel “easy.” We are mainly working the nervous system. Not so much the energy systems.

  9. This workout is great for building strength. Happy Tuesday!

Another great weekend on the farm!