Complete couplets in any order. Complete all rounds of each couplet before moving to the next. 

Four rounds:

15 BB biceps curls  (strict as possible) 45/65
:45 sec elliptical sprint 8/10  

Four rounds: 

15 front squats 45/65
:45 sec standing spinbike sprint

Four rounds: 

15 pushups
45 sec plate switches (4")

Four rounds:

15 v-ups
25 box jumps 

Post "Done!" to comments.

Daily Extras - None today. 

Workout Notes:

  1. An elliptical sprint = keep speed above 75

  2. Don't sit down on the bike. Standing simulates a sprint.

  3. Keep the pushups strict as possible. Until you can’t. Then snake them.

  4. I prefer the much safer OG box jumps. Maybe that's because I'm an OG.

  5. No elliptical/bike? Cool, do a commiserate amount of cardio (RIP, burpees, rope jumps etc.)

  6. Keep those BB biceps curls as strict as possible. Until you can’t. Then jump it up and let it down slow.

Musings …

Hauling Hay and Irrigating

This weekend on the farm was brutal, yet extremely pleasant and rejuvenating. It’s weird. Working the earth and being that close to nature cleanses my soul and balances my mind and energy in inexpiable ways. How can becoming so depleted physically, be so regenerative?

On Saturday Linds and my kiddos undertook their first hay haulin’ adventure. It was my first time throwing hay in 30 yrs! Dad’s farm is small (only 40 farmable acres left, so we do our hay hauling the old fashioned way. We walk through the field, pick up bales (70-80 lbs) and throw them on a wagon. The guy/gal on the wagon stacks them 5 rows high + a crown layer (stacking is the worst damn job on the field). We figured we hauled 50-60 tons of hay twice. Once off the field onto the wagon, then off the wagon and onto the stack. Imagine Burp-o/Thrust-o, 3 Bars of Death, Squad, and Walk it Out, for four hours. Ha! OK, maybe not - but CLOSE!

The kids were champs and worked like bosses. It was inspiring to watch them log off and tune into REAL life! I’ll tell you this, as hard as that day was on my old bones, I’d go do it again tomorrow just to watch that magic again! Totally worth it! That being said, I might have over done it. Worked them to the bone their first time. It wasn’t smart. There are 4 more acres of newly cut alfalfa (that’s like, double the tonnage) sitting in the piece just to the North. It needs to be off next Saturday. I’m afraid that with what I put them through last week, I’ll never get them back out to the farm again! Crap. Anyone want to haul hay Saturday?

After we got the hay off, we spent the entire next day irrigating the alfalfa. With tired bodies and sore as hell hands, we dug trenches, started siphon tubes, and checked the water all day. We started our day at 4:20 am, and got home at 8:30 pm. LOTS of sweat. Even more swears! Haha, that’s ONE thing I haven’t lost knack for in the last 30 yrs! Watch for our latest video about our weekend (minus swears - promise) to come out this week.

Would love to hear about your weekend. Did you get out and use your fitness? Please share on Facebook, Instagram or to comments!